We like to keep turning over a new leaf when it comes to the environment

PJM Valeting's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their operations is clear with Directors actively involved in the programme. It's good to be associated with this sort of responsible and environmentally ambitious company - Deborah Cairns, Green Achiever

At PJM, we are proactive when it comes to Environmental policy and we are continuously developing our green awareness to reduce our impact as a business on the environment through innovation and donating to charities such as Water Aid.

We are committed to providing change through adopting a best practice system, and are in 2016, reviewing our procedures and to expand from PJM Valeting which were members of Green Achiever to cover all brands under a PJM Group environmental approach.

Previous Green Achiever Policy Highlights

  • Investing in 'natural' chemical spill kits which contain (of product weight) 80% cellulose for a leading client nationwide
  • Saving over 25% of fuel by limiting the temperature on pressure washers
  • Using water meters to monitor how much water we use per litre per car
  • Using waterless cleaning where possible
  • Our chemical waste is returned to the manufacturer and recycled
  • Recycling a wide range of waste streams including paper and cardboard